PH's Cities with the Best Property Investment Opportunities


For the past years up to 2017, the demand for real estate all over the Philippines has grown impressively. This is also due to the change on the needs of the Filipinos. It is evident through the statistics and numbers presented by concerned government agencies which monitors the status of the real estate industry in the country. This gave motivation to many international developers to launch and calibrate their plans and projects here in our lands. This then caused an impact to the dynamics of infrastructure development in the country.

Being able to buy a house is a major dream and priority to many working Filipinos especially those who are in abroad. This has opened a lot of opportunties for more middle-income house-and-lot packages which are foreseen to be developed especially in some areas of the Philippine regions where most of our overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) come from.

However, due to continuous increase to the prices in and around Metro Manila, other major metropolitan locales has started to garner more interest from the market and similarly increased its value as the development expands outward. In fact, more cities from the far south region of the country, became sweet spots in real estate today.

So, whether you’re looking to settle with a family home or even just to rent out your purchase for yield, here are some options of real estate locations that are hotspots for you to choose from to put up your property:

Bonifacio Global City

Basically, BGC is a breath of fresh air compared to Manila and Makati. It stand as a business district but, the good thing is it doesn’t attract heavy traffic primarily because of its well-planned structure which provides access to a more efficient circulation and pedestrian-friendly streets. Also, it has an efficient and comfortable public transport system, and above all that is a complete environment where residential properties are just a stone throw away from businesses, offices, schools, and commercial centers which makes it a perfect spot for a wonderful life.

Makati and Mandaluyong

Makati and Mandaluyong’s Central Business District's appeal needs no explanation when it comes to its unrivaled stature in the country. It has been a home to the headquarters of top multinational corporations and prestigious local companies which makes it one of Asia’s most important financial, commercial and economic hubs.

Makati & Mandaluyong are located close to other top cities such as Taguig and Pasay City, which makes this of the most residential and lifestyle hotspot that it is today. That’s why it is dubbed as the “Financial Capital of the Philippines,” and the “Wall Street” of Metro Manila. It's also rich with entertainment and residential centers.

Baguio City

This city is home to globally-competitive and top performing university including the country’s flagship school which is the University of the Philippines. Its land and building are also highly valuable investments as its business scene is dynamic with properties changing hands pretty regularly, and businesses continue to thrive due to tourism and exports.

The city is booming as a tourism and an education hotspot, real estate investment in Baguio City counts as a wise investment. Generally, the economic growth of Baguio City is driven by exports, which consists of electronics, machinery, wearing apparel, textile, plastic production, and service enterprises. Also, a number of Business Processing Outsourcing – Information Technology (BPO-IT) companies are on the rise in Baguio City.


Cebu is known as the second most important metropolitan in the country because of the booming IT and BPO sectors in what was tagged as "Queen City of the South", the supply of condominiums also rose greatly through the years. This demand for condominium units is forecasted to grow in Metro Cebu, despite the decline of average housing prices nationwide during the second quarter of 2017. It also has the second highest concentration of condominiums in the Philippines and most of these developments are considered high-end.

The real estate sector in Cebu continues to grow with more available spaces in the office, retail and residential markets as the local economy is fueled by tourism and business process outsourcing.

Davao & Palawan

This city has earned the interest of the world by becoming a hotspot for business and infrastructure projects also because of being the hometown of Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippine’s current (16th) President. A number of luxury condominiums are also sprouting all over the city.

Davao City is well known for its closeness to the Samal Island which is a famous beach destination in the region. Palawan on the other hand was hailed as one of the best islands in the world-due to its scenic and pristine landscape and seascape.

Both Palawan and Davao were recently considered as safe provinces due to very low crime rates. Many great projects such as the new international airport, railway, and more malls are soon to rise here.

With all these great choices, it may be harder to pick which is the best. But, the only sure thing is wherever you may choose to have your property, still, it will surely be worth it.

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