5 Things to Enjoy in Puerto Prinsesa

Credits to: The Poor Traveler

Credits to: The Poor Traveler

Palawan is often cited in news features and magazines as one of the best islands in the world. And if you’ve been there, you’ll probably agree.

Palawan is an obvious choice to visit when talking about the best islands in the Philippines. And if you really are looking for a place where you and your family can enjoy, Palawan’s Puerto Prinsesa is really one of the best options with its limestone rock formations, turquoise sea, white-sand beaches, fresh seafood, friendly locals and peaceful vibe. This tropical paradise offers the best representation of the Philippines. If you have been here before, then you’re one of the lucky ones who have enjoyed the majesty and grandeur of the island but if you’re just a first timer wanting to venture to this place, then you’re on a right path. So, to help you out, here are some things you can enjoy in Puerto Prinsesa:


Puerto Prinsesa’s Subterranean River National Park (popularly called the Underground River), is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. This protected area is located about 80 km north of the city center .

Visitors can either take a short 15-minute boat ride or 2-hour hike from jump-off point in the town of Sabang to get to the area where boats ferry passengers through the cave. Here, all guests are provided with audio devices in different languages explaining the history of the park and the various rock formations throughout the duration of the boat ride.


Another popular activity in Puerto Prinsesa is going on island-hopping tours around Honda Bay located in the mid-eastern coast of the city. The most popular islands you can visit during day tours include the Starfish Island which is known for having a large population of Star Fish (Sea Stars), the Luli Island in short for “Lulubog – Lilitaw”, which means Sink & Rise, because the island disappears during high tide and reappears during low tide. Lastly the Cowrie Island which is an island named after the sea snail called “cowrie.”  Cowrie Island has several cabanas, a pavillion and thatched-roof spa huts, making this an ideal lunch stop. Cowrie Island has recently been opened to the public as an alternative to the more crowded Pandan Island.


There are also plenty of resorts and beaches on the mainland of Puerto Prinsesa including Nagtabon and Talaudyong Beach  all available for swimming, day trips and picnics. Nagtabon Beach is a relatively uncrowded beach just 40 minutes away from Puerto Prinsesa City.             

For a relaxing stay in the city, you can also choose a hotel or resort with a beach vibe instead of those located along the highway in the city.


Palawan is also known for having various dive sites which is enjoyable and thrilling for divers and snorkelers. Here you can rent out snorkeling gear so you can enjoy the beach more before heading out to do island-hopping tours,

Some beaches like Cowrie Island also offer water sports activities including jet-skiing, kayaking, and parasailing.

Many enjoyable and fun activities for groups of people are offered here including Banana Boat ride, Jet Skiing, Parasailing, Fly Fishing, Sailboat riding and Sports Fishing.

On the other hand, Talaudyong Beach near Nagtabon Beach is also a popular surfing spot for locals. Once a secret getaway, the site is becoming more popular with tourists. You can get surf lessons here as well or just hang up a hammock and go beach camping. They also offer surfboard rental as well asSurf Lessons aside from the Hammock Camping, beach hut accommodation and Surf & Camp which are also available.


While for those who are more curious and wants to learn more about the historical side of the city or have half a day to spare, you can book city tours to visit various historical sites. There are plenty of popular sites which are usually included in city tours.

Some of these are the World War II Musuem, Heritage Museum, Running tour (PPC Cathedral, City Baywalk, Rizal Park, Plaza Cuartel), Binuatan Creations, Mitra’s Ranch & Bakers Hill and the Palawan Rescue and Wildlife Center (Crocodile Farm)

Your trip would surely become stress-free and fun because many travel agencies in the city offer half-day city tours which you can easily join.  You can just also hire a tricycle for a couple of hours to do it DIY style. If you know how to drive a motorcycle, it’s easy enough to get around on your own around the city. Scooter and motorcycle rentals are widely available around Puerto Prinsesa City.

Regatta Bay, is a residential community by the beach located at Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan-The Philippines. To own a piece of paradise, please call 0917 517 0789 or email info@district23inc.com for more details about this project.


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