Why Palawan is Worth a Lifetime to Live To?

Credits to AWOL Junkie

Credits to AWOL Junkie

They say it takes a special person to make each moment the most memorable. Similarly, at times, it takes a moment at a special place to make a wonderful memory. Palawan is undeniably one of the most special places you might want to spend your time with because the experience that it will give you is one of the best to the extent that you will keep on wanting to go back and see it once more.

Many travellers aim to be able to go to countless places. While some value each place that they have been into, no matter how many. What's important is that they have enjoyed and cherished that particular place when they went to it.

Palawan, One of Philippines most renowned islands is quite one of the most visit-worthy places in the country. This has been proven a lot of times by each and every tourist that goes to visit it. It has also been decorated with countless awards and recognition for its unmatched beauty.

This is the reason why as the years go by, the efforts to beautify and develop the place also increased. Once it started as a natural paradise with its virgin sceneries. But as years passed,  the world rapidly changed. Modern and advanced technologies were developed. The needs and wants of the people also levelled up in a way. So as to meet these expectations, Palawan became highly urbanised.

Times were different now so it’s difficult to judge whether what's better between then and now.

Many of us have witnessed a lot of places get destroyed because of abuse by humans and too much ambition for development. The essence of being natural has been long gone for these places. And of course, we don't want this to happen to any part of Palawan.

Its rich culture, heritage, resource and wildlife as well as its landmarks and seascapes are too precious to lose. That is why the responsibility of conserving and preserving it lies on our shoulders.

For so many years, Palawan has given not only the Filipinos but also all people around the globe its exceptional beauty and breath-taking experience.

For first timers, Puerto Prinsesa is one of the best places to start your wonderful trip. Soothe yourself and maximize the variety of activities that it can offer especially those which involves the sea and its other sceneries. Through this you can really enjoy its nature for a very reasonable price.

Just a simple tip: Take your time and don't be too overwhelmed. But most importantly, enjoy each moment that you will have.  Set aside all other things because the most important thing when you're in Palawan is for you to connect to the place.

Also, of course don't forget to be kind to the people. Filipinos are surely hospitable and friendly so you must also do the same. You will be treated with outmost respect and love when you yourself reflect the positive vibe that makes you worthy of being treated fairly.

Lastly, if you have the time and resources, don't forget to come back. Each time is a different experience. But one thing is for sure. Every visit is worth spending your lifetime to.

Regatta Bay, is a residential community by the beach located at Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan-The Philippines. To own a piece of paradise, please call 0917 517 0789 or email info@district23inc.com for more details about this project.

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