A Guide To A Better Spending This 2019


As this year is coming near to its end, you may be wondering how humongous your spending has become. Once again, you include ‘wise spending’ to your New Year’s resolution despite the fact that you fail to accomplish it over and over again.

As we know it, this month is also filled with bonuses with your pay. So it is a bigger challenge not to succumb to your urge to buy lots of things that you longed to buy. Panic buying and overspending is a common problem to many working individuals that is why their money is wasted while wise investments are being set aside.

Well, you must keep in mind that you should know your priorities and what you really need so that you know what you must really buy and you can limit yourself from those that are unnecessary. So here we listed down 5 of the things you must prioritize and focus your resources:


On top of everything else, your health and well-being should be prioritized. So don’t hesitate to spend on your overall check-up routine either monthly or yearly. Having a thorough consultation with a licensed physician can help you a lot to determine how you can maintain a good lifestyle. It is not also bad to invest on some vitamins and food supplement to aid you in achieving a healthier body.

Real Estate Investment

Having a stable job is not always enough. Sometimes, aside from earning money from your work, it is even better to invest to give you bigger assets, properties and income. Significantly, having a real-estate property could also help alleviate your economic status eventually.

Basic needs

Of course, aside from your health and well-being, your daily necessities also topped the list of the things you must prioritize. This includes food and water, clothing and shelter. But don’t be mistaken, for these are also some of the causes of overspending.  You still need to remember that you must only spend on what you and your family really needs.


There are a lot of things out there to do that can give you self-growth and development. You could go on seminars and conference where you will earn connections and learn from well-renowned personalities. You can also do a new hobby or learn a new language that maybe can help you with your work better.

Reward to self

Well, making wise decisions doesn’t necessarily mean you have to deprive yourself from everything including self-rewards. In fact, this could also motivates us to do better and work harder so it is not bad to do things such as going on a vacation and visit new places, buying yourself a new clothing or accessory or even a new dog. Just make sure that you won’t spend too much. It still depends on you how you will budget your funds but the point here is sometimes, you also need to have a taste of your labor and hard work.

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