Hidden Wonders of Palawan


In spite the fame and grandeur that has been earned by Palawan which stands as one of the Philippine’s greatest islands, there are still a lot of interesting things that we can discover and learn about it especially as tourists from other parts of the country and of the world.

Many stories are all around the social media and the internet about Palawan. However, some of these might not always as advisable as they might seem. So here, we will discuss a few myths and identify the truth that can help make sure you can enjoy Palawan even more. 

So, When’s the best time to visit? 

Contrary to what might automatically come into your mind as to when is the best time to visit Palawan which is the ‘peak season,’ the truth is, the month of June holds the top spot of being the best time to pack up and head on your way to this beautiful place.

Actually, Palawan has fair weather almost all year round meaning it is sunny almost everyday. But the month of June is perfect because you get to experience the place when it’s still sunny yet not as humid-hot as summer. It is also not as crowded as the peak season and there are a lot of airfare, accommodations and tour promos available for your pleasure and convenience. June is the beginning of off-peak season generally in the entire Philippines.

Palawan as a home of Peace-loving and Environmentally-Conscious People.

Negative publicity may have tarnished the image and reputation of Palawan a little bit due to controversies involving bandits present in the area. However, this is continuously being disproved by the people by making Palawan a place with one of the lowest crime rates in the country then and now. 

Provincial Protection

This might not be known to everyone but in recognition to Palawan’s rich biodiversity and ecological significance of the province which was considered as a gift to the world, a Strategic Environmental Plan law has been passed to safeguard the whole province and preserve its natural beauty.

Palawan as a former land bridge from the Philippines to the rest of Asia

Before, the southernmost part of Palawan which is very closed to Sabah and Malaysia used to connect it to the other parts of Asia. It was once a land bridge used by Aetas to get to the Philippines. This was also found out as one of the reasons why there are several existing plant and animal species in Palawan which are not existent to other provinces.

Its Rise from the Sea

The world has its many magnificent ways to change the earth... Literally.

It has been presently evidenced by the water marks on the limestone mountains caused by the action of waves Millions of years ago that there has been tectonic actions which caused major regional uplift. 

Being the Last Frontier

Palawan remained to be the least exploited places of the Philippines It also houses the largest forest, coral reef areas as well as mangroves. The island province has the most number of national parks and protected areas in the Philippines and has 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites which proves that it is one of the best.

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