Real Estate: Gear up for Another Record on PH


This 2018, the Philippine property sector has been seen to top its stellar performance last year once again. This has made us remain as the leading and top real estate market all over the region.

There is a current huge expectation for an even greater movement this year on certain key local real estate markets as investors become more and more confident in the Philippines with its full swing of continuous infrastructure expansion and fiscal reforms by its government.

This actually reflects a good manifestation for us primarily because it is a sign of a burst and a lot of opportunities and possibilities for the country and for is development and growth.

The Philippines remained to be a leading real estate market in the region where it belongs as based and proven by an impressive 2017 performance and with huge potential growth this year. Investments from the asian market also overflows and concentrates on this country producing a positive outcome and result.

Many Firms belonging on the office sector continues to achieve its constant growth and increase in supply to attend and meet the demands which they need to sustain. This demand primarily and mostly came from BPO Companies.

While others who belong on the retail industry, referred to shopping mall expansions and upgrading which are now widely being carried out in order to attract more customers, as more larger volume of domestic consumption is pushing expansions of global brands and retail space in our country.

The increase of requirements caused by the considerable retail expansions, it is distinguished as due to the increasing demand for more industrial and workable spaces which is expected to cause further tightening of industrial supply. 

There is an increase to the thousands and thousands of square meters in gross leasable area of retail developments in Metro Manila which are needed and aimed to be put up until 2019 by different big firms and companies.

There is a recognized huge appetite for the demand of space which can be used to be commercialised by many companies to enrich their respective industries.

This needs to be taken advantage by the country for its benefit from the big firms that are willing to invest. The country in on the other hand, sets its goals for continuous and sustainable development.

Being on the top of this list speaks a lot to the status of the country. To lead in terms of real estate market is a huge thing and can be an advantage over other countries in the pacific and in the region.

We must also always keep in our mind that our edge lies mainly on our sound macroeconomic fundamentals along with our talented labor pool because this is where we have continuously gained our strength and control as well as established our disposition on the worldwide industry.

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