Puerto Princesa: A Fortress of Beauty in the Making

Regatta Bay

Regatta Bay

Puerto Princesa City, Palawan's famed Capital shares the Province's totality of beauty showing nature's best. As years passed, not only it had remained to be a precious spot in the Philippines but also a potential location for development. This is why it doesn't only earn recognition and awards but also the interest of potential developers and investors.

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is a bastion of amazing and marvellous sceneries such as exemplary and one-of-a-kind limestone formations. Puerto Princesa also housed islands along with the clear blue water as well as the richness and diversity when regards to aquatic and other marine life. This has amazed the world and make Palawan one of the 'last frontiers' here in the country.

But that is just a taste of what Puerto Princesa could really offer because aside from that, it is also full of gastronomic treats and other places to visit. Plus, part of being one of the major drop-points in Palawan, is being able to open more breath-taking options and other stunning islands and sites for all the tourists. This just proves that Puerto Princesa has really connected and strengthened the tourism industry in the whole province of Palawan making it renowned all over the world.

At this point, the city government of Puerto Princesa as well as other concerned and organisations and individuals recognise the city not just as a ordinary vacation and relaxation spot but also a good place for investments and development. So, all efforts are being exerted to continuously but cautiously cater other businesses aside from agriculture and tourism which will further boost the growth of the province.

However, their government clarified that their city is not yet ready for heavy industries such as manufacturing. This means only the proposals for light industries can meanwhile be evaluated for as long as they are not “destructive” to the environment, nor are they “extractive” in nature.

Still, a continuous increase in the number of national real estate developers especially at the Regatta Bay, can be observed boosting up constructions of houses and subdivisions all over the province. It is expected that after these constructions have been made, it will encourage not only visitors but also those who seek permanent residence in the province.

There are also boosts on infrastructure works—from the road networks and telecommunications, to the water and power supply—to ensure that the city can accommodate the influx of businesses and migrants and to level up the status of living as well as to provide comfort to its people.

It is indeed a fact that there's nothing better than an untouched part of nature. However, we should also remember that development is not just always about destruction and conversion of nature but it is also a part of protecting and conserving it. Because at a time like this, change is constant and inevitable. So it is better to develop places like Palawan properly and carefully to prevent it from being abused and destroyed in the future.

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