Studying the Philippine Economy


Through the years, the Philippines have impressed the world with its economical standing and its fast development. With its rich resources and growing agricultural and industrial sectors, it continuously raised the bar when it comes to the best when it comes to economy.

The Philippines is set to re-claim its glory when it comes to its economy. This growth has paved way for many opportunities such as the flourishing of many sectors including the real estate, agriculture and others. This means, that businesses can be more successful here in the country and many dreams finally might come to light.

Investments are also very welcome. We have attracted many investors from all over the world to participate with our country’s many industries. It is also advisable for local investors to engage and be more active and competitive this year because these can give a prosperous harvest of revenue and income return. An additional factor which changes the economic landscape is the ongoing tax reform within the country which changes market prices and triggers the supply and demand relationship to move rapidly.

Despite different calamities and disasters, our fellowmen were also able to recover because of unity and camaraderie among each other. Establishments were rebuilt and re-opened to bring back supply to the local market while others were encouraged to start to spark tighter competitions. Infrastructures and properties are also good investments because weaker buildings which were destroyed must be replaced with stronger and sturdier ones.

While the working force of the country with our million-population is active and hungry for sustenance. Thousands of fit and able workers are seeking jobs not only here in the country but also outside. This further improves and increases the remittances which make up the entirety of our economy’s strength. Soon or later, billions of funds can enter to the Philippines because of OFWs. These are the same citizens who will then spend their earnings for business, investments and for their needs and leisure.

Our economy is composed of a cycle of entry and exits; earning and spending which leads to growing businesses and successful sectors. There are different factors which must be monitored by the government as well as business owners for them to know the continuous flow and even the future of the economy. Every movement can cause a large impact that is why it is now about wise decisions which will determine if a company or business will survive the tides of this country’s economy.

Our country, despite its dark past and its many atrocities, still holds a potential; A future that we can all achieve together if we will lead each sector and industry forward. There is a probability of drastic decline anytime if we will based on the history because of other major factors such as politics, law and governance. But, what’s more important is the now which shows that there are limitless opportunities all around so let’s do what we must as long as we are gaining steps for a better and brighter Philippine economy.

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