The Philippines, among the Best Country to Invest in Real Estate This 2019


Real Estate industry has undergone a huge boost not only on the Philippines but on many countries all over the world. In fact, many famous sites and locations became potential for business and commercialization which calls for many opportunities to come. So, here are some of the countries where real estate performs best:


Of course, first on our list is our motherland where real estate really transpired and flourished. With many developers around, businesses were established here and successfully made it on the market to compete for the top spot for the real estate empire.


While the thing with France particularly Paris is that prices go up and down here, but it is actually a good investment to own a piece of Parisian real estate which is one of the surest imaginable stores of long-term wealth.

As we go forward to 2019, it continues to move forward to the top creating clamor for Portugal and France. The French property market is really interesting and attractive for foreigners to finance. Just for the record, interest rates on French mortgages for foreigners are at decline of less than 2% interest with loan-to-values as high as 85%.


Despite Thailand’s strict restriction policies with property ownership of tourists, it is still continuously growing also because of its agriculture which is to be credited for its strong economy and expanding tourism industry, as well.

Here, foreigners are allowed to take hold of free title and ownership but with specific objectives and regulations. But, what really foreign investors focus on is the condo market which is cheaper and easier to mage than rental of individual property.

Thailand’s Bangkok has been the #1 visited cities in the world last 2017; it even received much more visitors than Italy’s London or Paris. Maybe this was the reason why many property investors focus their attention here.


Brazil, as a country with many developing property markets, has become interesting for many investors more than just a destination among tourists.

The Brazilian has taken stable control against the U.S. dollar and historically weak relative to the rate of 1.6 reals to the dollar of a decade ago.

Two factors which makes this country a very strong buy is the good yields and a weak currency especially nowadays where Brazil holds a lot of potential and opportunities when it comes to the property business.


Many atrocities have driven away many investors from this country. But now, it has regained its tourism growth which also leads to economic growth and population increase. Rental investment options are widening while people are looking for more.

The greatest selling point for an investment such as this is the low cost of entry. A rental unit in this market can be within most any investor’s budget. It is also a way to test the waters and also to make sure that your decisions won’t cost you painful results.

Each one of these countries is different from the other when it comes to the condition of the real estate business present within it. There are also different approaches required if you are interested. It is purely dependent on your strategy what result you can derive from these real estate hotspots.

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