Why Younger Generations Don’t Buy Real Estate?


Our country being considered part of the third-world is not expected to produce super business-minded people especially on the younger generation. Although continuous development is on its way, still we can’t expect the people to instantly get involved with business especially the young ones. But aside from this fact, it is observable that there are other reasons why Real Estate doesn’t sound attractive enough for the younger people to invest. Here we will discuss some of these reasons and why they keep the hope of this country away from conquering and owning on the property industry.

Many Investment Opportunities are now reachable because of the success of the Real Estate Industry starting last year. But all of these are being set aside because many young individuals either ignore them on purpose or just hesitant because of lack in knowledge. In fact, more and more areas are becoming attractive to foreign investors. Also, a larger number of overseas Filipino workers or OFWs are also starting to invest. This is why as time pass by, the young ones are starting to get left behind.

Primarily, one of the major reasons is that they have different beliefs and mindsets. Though some of these are better than what we thought because they are living in the modern world, sometimes there are also things which corrupt their mind and make their life disorganized. Here are two of their beliefs which make them think that investing in Real Estate is not for them.

The Wrong “You Only Live Once” Mindset

One of the reasons why we observe real estate to be out of the young bloods’ priority is because they have the wrong mindset. They believe what “You Only Live Once” means is that they should be just going with the flow, worry less and just do literally what they want such as drinking, smoking and doing other vices. On the contrary, what it really should mean is that they should give importance to their life and plan ahead of time because they don’t know what’s going to happen next. This is why it is important for us to guide them to set their priorities straight.  Invest and insure for a better future.

The “Not yet My Thing”

The other wrong belief which the younger have is that investing is only for the adults or the old ones. On the contrary, they should be the one who must be thinking ahead of them because they still need to establish their future. Maybe this is also due to the fact that many of them are students which don’t have the capability of investing yet. But still, they must consider it as early as now so when time comes that they will have enough resources, they are then prepared. While for young adults, they should not think that this is too serious to be prioritized now because it is something to be settled as early as possible. 

Life is indeed unpredictable. No one can know what will happen anytime. So, it is important especially for the younger generation to prepare themselves for the future. Now that the times are brighter and clearer especially on the Real Estate Industry, it is a perfect time for them to invest for them to have a good shot at fortune which can help them in the latter part of their life.



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