I’M POSSIBLE: Million-Peso Home for Filipinos


Owning a property no matter how huge or no matter its value is a dream come true for Filipinos. Knowing the state of our country where many are in the middle or lower class of the society, having a million peso home may seem impossible for many. But, for some with hard work and determination, it is reachable as any other dream.

The value of a decent home may not necessarily require hitting the million-peso mark. But, the hardworking Filipinos do not settle for lesser or even for just enough. We always take pride on our hardships and we take its product as trophies. This may be the reason why Filipinos invest millions on making a good house as long as they can because this is will be a remembrance of their struggles in life.

In fact, studies show that many Filipinos buyers allocate up to 2 million pesos for buying a house. Many of these buyers are mostly married and have families meaning they are those who are ready to settle their lives after a long struggle, though single and career-oriented individuals are also keeping up. It’s just harder due to the many challenges plus the hardships of saving up funds especially for the younger people who have just started working.

Many developers and real estate companies are also aware of this fact. They also notice an increase to the number of Filipinos who invest millions of peso for residential properties especially this year where real estate is really at its boom.

They also expect that more will follow on the next few years as they see real estate to continue flourishing along with our growing economy. As long as there’s proper management, these investments can continue to prosper and more and more Filipinos will be able to achieve their dreams.

Who would have thought that what was once impossible can be achievable today. This just means that no matter how big a dream is, as long as we pursue it with passion and perseverance, it won’t take long for us to achieve it. Many still remain poor in this country nowadays. But there is hope that, just like the Filipinos who strive today with their million peso investments, the poor can also be helped and it is possible for them to also succeed with their hard work and with the help of the government and the people around them.

Indeed, Filipinos are really capable of reaching even the highest dreams because of our extraordinary sense of passion and hard work that whatever we want and no matter how hard the circumstances are, we still manage to achieve it when we wanted to.

Along with the booming of the real estate industry is the reaping of our fellow Filipinos of what they have sown for so long. These numbers that we see on the property market indicates something which is not only for the sake of statistics but for Filipino pride because of the success of our fellow men.

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