The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living In A Condo


If you have lived for years in a condo, you might already know these things. But, if you are someone who has just moved in or someone who wants to know first whether condo living is right for them, then, this might help you.

 Here we will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of living in a condominium. Looking at the property itself is just one part of the whole process. Living beneath it is another. But experiencing it is the most important because this will really determine if it fits your lifestyle. But, you of course, even before buying, you have to know already if it will work so you won’t waste your time and resources for something which you will regret in the end.

Now, one of the disadvantages of living in a condominium is the limited space compared to landed houses. This is why when living in a condo, you really have to know how to manage and organize things properly. Focus on the most important things and belongings and start putting out those that are irrelevant and unnecessary.

Next thing you have to think about is the positioning of your unit. You have to know what amount of light and how hot or cold it feels like inside it on different times of the day especially with the large windows which usually composes 30-40% of the unit. Not all condo units are positioned well and there’s a chance that your room would be placed directly face to face with the burning sun.

Packages and letters aren’t usually delivered directly at your front door. Most condo buildings receive and store delivered packages on the front desk and you just have to pick it up same with letters which are put into a mailbox attached to a wall.  In a way, it’s good because you have someone to safe keep your packages or mails especially when you’re out. The only disadvantage is that you won’t get them directly by yourself or if you plan to receive the items privately without anyone noticing.

While, when it comes to your own security, worry not because most condo buildings have installed security cameras on almost all common areas so rest assured that you are being guarded, security personnel is/are also present at the lobby at all hours every day. So, you don’t have to worry about intruders or thieves entering your property because the building has many security measures which can protect you. This is on top of all the other technologies such as sprinklers, smoke detectors and fire alarms which are also vital for your safety.

It’s given that there is no perfect life. Everything has its own advantage and disadvantage. Living in a condo is one example. But it does not mean you cannot find the home that’s best for you. All you have to do is to know all the possibilities that there is when looking for a better home.

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