What To Look For When Buying A Condo Unit


When buying a place to call your home, you don’t only look into the interior of the property itself but also amenities that will be available and accessible for you inside the building where your property belongs. However, this differs and depends from building to building or one developer to another.

Based on your needs and your lifestyle, your preferences may also differ. But there are amenities that are really necessary whatever your choices may be and these are the most common and can also be the most useful for you regardless of your age, gender, religion or status in life. Here is a list to help you out what are the things you should be looking out for first aside from your preferred style and design.

Some touch of green

Urbanized living doesn’t mean you have to be entirely far away from nature because even high-rise properties also offer amenities including gardens and man-made natural landscapes that give a natural and cool vibes because sometimes, it is also healthy and beneficial to have a breath of fresh air by living near plants and trees which can give you extra supply of oxygen. It also gives shade and reduces the air pollutants that cause diseases from highly urbanized and congested areas.

Pools to splash on

Aside from a fresh sight of greenery, having an area where you can splash and spend some time while dipped on fresh water is also something worth considering when looking for a property to buy. It provides refreshment and relaxation as a break from hot days which also reduces stress in one’s life.

Fitness and Wellness Center and Spa

Health and well-being is one of the major priorities in one’s life. Having a place where you can improve and maintain it is good. So for those who want to stay fit and healthy, the gym and spa are some of the places that you should be looking for first. Good thing, it is one of the common and usual amenities offered by most condominium buildings.

Lobby, Function Halls, and Other Common Areas

A wide, spacious lobby with a proper concierge and tight security are benchmarks of a great condo. It is also considered as an extension of your living space. So, combined with comfy couches, plush armchairs, warm lighting, and cozy décor, it can serve as something which can make you and your guests feel at home. Even thought your unit only has limited space to cater guests, function halls and other common areas can be an alternative to accommodate any event from small meetings to grand birthday celebrations.

Children’s area

Of course, it is important especially to those who are living with their families including their kids who also needs to spend time doing recreational activities with each other to aid in their physical, mental and emotional stability. It is also a practice of their socialization as well as a form of bonding between siblings and parent to child.

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