Creative Design Ideas For Small-Spaced Condos


Space is one of the major dilemmas of condo unit owners. The measurement of available space is known to be a factor which affects the interior placement and design. This is why those who own units which doesn’t have much space to offer finds it problematic to still make their property stylish and in accordance to their personality. Due to the limit to the number of furniture or features which a unit can cater, there is a need to make a plan where the owner will base his/her decision on what to put up to make his/her home as cozier as possible.

There are different kinds of designs which you can choose from that will suit your unit as well as your personality. If you are thinking that putting up wonderful designs and making your condo look lively will require additional space, think again. One example applies for those who are adventurous. Making the condo a Life-sized Travel Book by displaying photos and records of previous travels will surely make it look exciting. Every time you look on a particular corner, you’ll see and remember a memory. You can also pin or post your travel emblems, souvenirs, tickets which is significant on your trip. But, if you’re not much of a traveler, you can improvise by painting or posting in your unit a huge map which will make you feel like traveling around the world without leaving home. 

An Elegant design on the other hand, is one of those who never go out of style or in short, timeless. You just have to make sure everything you put up would be classy. Good thing, there are a lot of small vases, frames, tables and stools which can satisfy your taste when it comes to your home furniture. There are a lot of these available at your nearest home depot or hardware. You just have to activate your keen eye. Stick on those that are shiny, silverish or gold. Something which gives lighting would do. Just don’t pick something that’s too big.

The Touched with Green type of condo is for nature lovers. This doesn’t mean you can bring in your favorite specie of tree or any endangered animal you find outside. Instead, this is about looking for alternatives such as improvising your own garden condo and choosing a unit wide windows that do not only allow for the morning sunshine to enter your small condo unit, but also give you an energy efficient home design that will save you money spent for lights and electricity. It is rare in the city to have good scenery of nature especially on highly urbanized areas. So it’s up to you how you’ll give yourself a taste of nature. Perhaps, a photo of nature or a painting would do.

Comfort and ease of living doesn’t purely rely on how many high-tech equipment you have.  Sometimes, all you need is to keep some room for yourself by choosing things that you need the most in your city lifestyle.

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