Desirable Condo Amenities For Today’s Buyers


When looking for a new condo unit to buy, what do you often look for? and how do you come up with these kind of preferences? Well, you might have consulted the internet already streaming videos about condominiums or looking into brochures and other information sheets. Most of these are offers from sellers or basic necessities. But aside from these, how about the desirable features that some may be rooting up for?

Based on reports, there are some amenities that draw buyers in. Some of which are not usually those that are looked for at the first place but are desired after being offered to them or after seeing that it is available on some sellers.

High-grounds of a high-rise property

This may not be for those who fear heights but for those who love the thrill and the feeling of being on high places, rooftop amenities can be the best. Rooftops with swimming pools, outdoor kitchen with grills are some of the preferred rooftop amenities especially during summer.

A place for nature lovers

Who said, condo living is not for nature lovers? When in fact, living in the city doesn’t mean you’re far away from having a lifestyle with a touch of green. It doesn’t have to be always inside your unit because there are condo buildings with amenities such as rooftop or indoor garden as well as park where people can hang out. This also serves as bridge to connect the inhabitants with nature by providing them some shade from trees, or fresh breeze because of the presence of plants and even flowers.

Area of fitness and relaxation

Unlike in the countryside, life in the city is more complex and so busy that sometimes, health is often compromised. This is why having spa and wellness amenities near your condo unit is essential for you to have a healthy routine once in awhile. Nowadays, people are also conscious of their well-being that’s why buyers are also concerned about the access to amenities which will aid in fitness and health.  


For a family living the city life, having children around is common. That is why it is also important for parents that the place where their children can play along and socialize with other kids safely. That’s why it is also a thing nowadays for condominium buildings to have a playground or children’s area as part of its offered amenities.

Location is the key

Convenience is one of the primary considerations of buyers when looking for a unit wherein location is also an important factor depending on their lifestyles and needs as well as their priorities. It can be more considerable when it is located near hospitals, markets and other places essential for stable living.

Urbanized living is not always like how we were expecting it. Today’s buyers now have a wide range of preferences because of various priorities. Their satisfaction seems to not solely rely on the unit itself but also the additional amenities included with the property.   

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