Mandaluyong: A Good Place to Start a Good Life


Regardless whether it’s for the purpose of business or just looking for a place to settle, location remains crucial all the same. It is one of the primary factors which define the value of the property as much as it determines the stability of life. So, you really have to thoroughly think about it when looking for a property.

Mandaluyong is seen as one of the areas where it’s good to settle in. Here you’ll know why.

No place for a hungry tummy

Regardless if you prefer fast food, fine dining or food markets, there’s a place for you in here. You just have to look around to find your ideal food trip no matter what time it is. There are different price ranges but surely, you’ll find a place with affordable but worthy food. There are also malls around where you can go to find your favorite restaurants.

Nesting ground for shopaholics

Just like what was mentioned before, there are several malls around including big ones such as Megamall, Shangri-la and Ayala Malls. So, you don’t have to worry when especially when there are sale and promos knowing that you can easily go to the mall to buy whatever products you want.

Not only that because there are also a lot of entertaining places where you can go and have fun. . There are also plenty of bars, lounges, and clubs in Mandaluyong that are still open well past bedtime so you can still enjoy your favorite food and drinks with your friends.

Now, the only problem that you need to think about is how your wallet can keep up with all the spending that you can do here.

It supports a healthy and stable life

Mandaluyong is known to be a good place for young professionals not only because of nearby buildings where companies they can work at reside, there are also a lot of fitness centers and gym where you can drop by and do your work-out. This is good for those who wanted to balance their working life with having a healthy well-being and being physically fit.

There are places to run or walk around, and residences do adapt and develop areas within their building where residents can relax, workout and burn some calories. They are also good for kids as some also offer play areas while others can offer facilities such as lounge area, prayer room, meditation garden, an open lawn, rock garden, and water features.

Accessible as a center of business and commerce

Another notable element of this place is because it is accessible despite being a business centre. Traffic is not that heavy and it’s easy to go in and out with a variety of transportations.

There are a lot of condo units and properties where you can reside soon such as in Shang Residences at Wack Wack. Don’t be afraid of being late because you’re only minutes away of the major malls and buildings around.

Who would have thought that here in the concrete jungle that we used to live in, there’s still a place like Mandaluyong that you can call home and where you can freely enjoy and have fun with your life.

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